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AU Idea:
Character A is housebroke whilst Character B is a rich socialite who’s leaving on a three week long trip. By a lucky accident Character A is left responsible for looking after Character B’s house, even though the two never met. 
Character B has to come early just to find that the Character A broke something valuable/expensive/irreplaceable. To pay off the debt Character B employs Character A as a housemaid. Many things can happen once two people who don’t get along from the first sight start spending so much time together. 

Alex Pettyfer gif Hunt

Gif Count - 70
Most of the gifs are made by me. Do not claim ownership over it, however  feel free to use it.
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                                              Taylor Kinney

Excuse me? Hi. So, uhm, have you seen this man?! I always thought he’d be such a hit in a RPing community, because… Well, would you look at him? For everyone who’s looking for a handsome, charming and charismatic Face Claim, Taylor is the way to go!!

Age - 32.
Age could be used for - 24-32.

Traits/possible roles:

  • The seducer.
  • The reliable one.
  • Big brother type.
  • Detective.
  • Irresistible.
  • Charming.
  • A heartthrob. 

Gifs - [x] [x] 

                                              Sara Canning

First of all, everyone who’s looking for a Face Claim with a generous amount of gifs - you just found it. Canning is such a sweetheart and she’d go well in happy bubbly RPs. You like angst? Well, here you go - a warm fragile person for you to play with and ruin as well. Really, once you start thinking about it - she’s definitely versatile.

Age - 25.
Age could be used for - 23-30.

Traits/possible roles:

  • Chaotic good.
  • Lost.
  • Clumsy.
  • A genuinely good person.
  • Funny.
  • Suburban housewife.
  • Martyr.

Gifs - [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] 

Shoutout please? If we could get TWO more apps then we'll accept tonight at around 9:30 EST!

Alright, folks, I highly suggest you to run and apply!!

As a photography lover myself, I find a plot definitely intriguing  refreshing and simply amazing!!!

                                              Austin Butler

I discovered Austin not that long ago and all I could think while looking at hims was that he’d be such a perfect FC! Very unusual features, some kind of a mystic aura and definitely a lot of charm can be seen in him. I feel simply mesmerized with his face.

Age - 21.
Age could be used for - 17-23.

Traits/possible roles:

  • Rich boy.
  • Snob.
  • A hidden goody two shoes. 
  • College student.
  • Unstable.
  • Nomad.
  • A secretive one.

Gifs - [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] 

                                              Lindsey Shaw

Yet another great actress that doesn’t get enough credit in the RPing community. Don’t be scared about the fact that there aren’t a very lot gifs of her - even in that case I would love to see her change some RPers mind about using, let’s say, Nina Dobrev as a FC. She’s charismatic and she definitely looks like a spitfire!  

Age - 23.
Age could be used for - 19-24.

Traits/possible roles:

  • Fighter.
  • Misunderstood.
  • Shy.
  • Insecure.
  • Socially awkward.
  • Strong-minded.
  • Lovable.

Gifs - [x] [x]



In these days where Gossip Girl’s identity is unbeknown to the masses of freshly made-up faces gracing Manhattan’s sidewalks and the Upper East Side lacks the Bass Industries or Waldorfs, Archibalds and Van Der Woodsens - Manhattan continued to churn up new drama with every new week on the calender. Students at Constance Billard School for Girls and St. Jude’s School for Boys may derive from wealthy backgrounds that paint the idea that they have it all - but do they? What hides behind the white picket fences and stately homes of Manhattan for the students of New York’s most elite educational provinces?


It’s a glamorous glamorous world! Seems very promising and satisfying for ones craving for some high-class!

Please could we have a shoutout?(': Basically we're an academy rp that are looking for more males. But all apps are appreciated. Our FC's are people like Kellin Quinn, Jordan Witzigreuter, Phil Lester, Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley. We do accept OC's too(':

Alright, guys, here you go!!

First of all, a great choice of quite unusual Face Claims. Definitely refreshing! Mix of both rare and old good lovable ones!

Link is right here Just in case you’re a bit blind like me and can’t really find it.

And, who doesn’t love Academy RPs???

                                              Ethan Peck

I’m aware that there might be just a few gifs of Mr. Peck, but… I’d say that it’s more than enough. I had a very schoolgirl-like crush on him for ages and I stand my ground that he’d be an awesome FC. Such unusual features, such character radiating from him. I much rather see him change Ian Somerhalder on numerous occasions.

Age - 26.
Age could be used for - 20-26.

Traits/possible roles:

  • Rebel.
  • Bad boy gone good.
  • Musician.
  • Ego freak.
  • Huge flirt.
  • Devious.
  • Sarcastic.

Gifs - [x]